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    The Dream


    My story begins in a small town called Clover, South Carolina where I was born and raised. If you’ve heard of Clover; that means you are either a truck driver or my cousin! As a child, my mother always encouraged my brothers and me to dream big - beyond Clover. That’s why I was determined to attend college and travel the world. Both dreams became true while attending Morehouse College - where I visited several countries as part of a business exchange program.


    My family and travels are the inspirations behind Sporty Slaps. I met my wife, who is Ethiopian while living in London. I immediately fell in love with her and the country. Fast-forward ten years, and we are raising two boys who have become soccer fanatics. My children, like so many, share a wonderful global heritage that is often underrepresented. Inspired by this, I launched Sporty Slaps as a fun product that also raises global awareness among children.

    Our Mission

    Born in London, my boys live, eat and breath soccer! My wife and I are very passionate about Ethiopia and their culture. Therefore, I wanted to create a fun product that my family could be proud of by combining the joy of global diversity with the love of soccer. This is the inspiration behind Sporty Slaps. Our goal is to create amazing high-quality slap bracelets representing EVERY nation in the WORLD! I love the joy and excitement that family's share when they first see bracelets representing their favorite country. With your help, we will continue to touch lives with a simple and timeless product.

    Meet the Team

    Sporty Slaps is truly a family-run business.

    My sons are my true inspiration and greatest fans - approving only the products that they love. My wife has been a huge help in a is so many ways over the years. Making it a family affair has been fun and exciting.

    Neil, Founder

    Eden, Boss

    Adam, Chief Marketing Officer

    Addison, Chief Operating Officer