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    Fundraising With Sporty Slaps is a No-Brainer!
    Imagine raising money while offering a special product that features your logo for supporters to wear around town. Welcome to the Sporty Slaps Fundraising Program®.  Sporty Slaps® is a fundraising program that provides organizations a uniquely fun way to raise money while promoting their brand and values. Our partnership is a no-brainer because we provide your organization with custom designed bracelets for FREE with no long-term commitments or minimum purchases.  

    Thousands of organizations and supporters LOVE this idea.  Not only do all children love slap bracelets, distributing branded bracelets at events and online ensures free publicity in schools, around town and on social media.  

    How It Works!
    It’s easy to get started! Your organization signs up in minutes - r
    egister online. Next share this video and page with other decision makers. Once approved, we will work with your team to design custom slap bracelets that can be sold at events and online. Since the product page will be customized to your organization, asking family and friends for support through social media and email is easy.

    Generous Profit Share!
    The best part. Bracelets are professionally photographed, delivered on consignment, and included within your custom online product page.  Additionally, your organization receives 25 FREE bracelets for promotional purposes.  50% of all profits go directly to your organization.

    Product Photos & Fulfillment!
    Our team also provides stunning product photos that your organization can use on it's own product page.  With our no-hassle guarantee our team will fulfil any orders made on your site. 

    A Lasting Partnership!
    Our goal is to design a program that is flexible, hassle-free and provides recurring fundraising dollars. Successful organizations have used the bracelets as fundraising gifts and retail products during events and online. Each bracelet is non-perishable and comes individually wrapped. Sporty Slaps® fullfills all online orders and stores excess inventory.  This means that no matter what, your organzation will benefit from an exclusive product that generates recurring revenue each year with no-hassle.

    While we will work with your team individually to help promote the program, below are a few ideas;

    • Display the bracelets for sell during all events.
      • Sporty Slaps will provide custom display stands.
    • Include fundraising page in more than one email newsletter.
    • Give out the Sporty Slaps® pledge form for members to solicit donations.
    • Give FREE promotional bracelets to your most influential supporters.
    • Encourage members to post pictures on social media of them wearing your organization's bracelets.
    • Promote the bracelets as great holiday stocking stuffers for boosters and alumni.
    • Promote your product page on social media.