MONETIZE YOUR PASSION! The Best Gift You Can Ever Give a Child...

MONETIZE YOUR PASSION! The Best Gift You Can Ever Give a Child...

Right now, my son is passionate about soccer and wants to be the best player he can be.  Even when he is not at practice, he is always kicking a soccer ball around our small apartment, watching soccer Youtube videos and mimicking the latest moves of his favorite players. If that is not enough, after practices, I literally have to drag him off the pitch. 

I will continue to support him, as long as he shows that level of passion for the game. While I enjoy soccer, frankly I am much more passionate about building a better future for myself and my family regardless of their interests.  Once our commitment to soccer increased , I knew that I had to find a way to merge both of our passions. That is how Sporty Slaps was born!

Invaluable Life Lessons - My boys have watched every step of this venture take off.  My oldest son has even given me some great marketing tips.  After all, it's kinda hard to get inside the mind of your typical 7-year-old. The creation of Sporty Slaps has introduced important concepts to him such as globalization, money, trade etc. Each day, even my 4-year-old comes home with a different idea for the business; which is when I introduce the concept of RISK! Regardless of what happens with the business, this has been a great experience for them and something that we will cherish forever.

Starting a side hustle is not for everyone, but I do encourage you to always keep an eye out for opportunities to make extra money while doing something that you enjoy. 

My Inspiration - For tips, check out the Side Hustle School podcast.  The stories shared on this show really inspire me. 

Also, visit Torrance Harvey Enterprises. From our late night conversations in the dorms of Morehouse College's Robert Hall to now, Torrance is a multi-talented brother who has always been an inspiration to me and everyone he encounters.

Finally, you can find inspiration is the most unusual places. Listen to Rick Ross discuss his motivation for starting his own business ventures.

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  • Catherine Blount - January 05, 2018

    Sporty Slaps are awesome! My kids love them and are a great way to show love for your favorite team.

  • John C Wilson - January 05, 2018

    Neal I think you have the right mindset and platform for your family to succeed in life.Im very proud of you Cuz.

  • Eyob Mekonnen - January 03, 2018

    Great points. As discussed with you before, it is something mind boggling. You want to encourage for the sake of passion and at the same time you want to ensure they balance it so that they are not affecting their academic performance.

  • Virginiaborn 49 - January 02, 2018

    Love these sporty slaps. Not expensive so used them as little presents for grandkids and kids at my church. Kids love them.

  • Benyam - January 02, 2018

    Great points Neil! As a parent I can see the value of teaching our kids passion and perseverance!

  • Marquis Kendrick - January 01, 2018

    This is an awesome product and kids love it!!! This reminded me when I was a kis having those slap it bracelets!!! Great product!!!

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