Best App Ever! (For Staying Abreast of Soccer News)

Best App Ever! (For Staying Abreast of Soccer News)

Since my son's started competitive soccer, I have invested way more time than I care to admit learning the complex landscape of youth soccer in America. From understanding the different leagues, opinion pieces, training methods, the benefits of regional and local camps, US soccer news, college recruiting and international opportunities - it's a lot to cover. Did I mention that they are five and nine?!?!?! 

However, as an engaged parent, I typically research areas that my children participate seriously in. For now, this includes school and soccer (in that order). I enjoy it and feel empowered when I have sufficient knowledge.

Technology Manna from Heaven - That is why I was ecstatic when I discovered the App Speechify.  Speechify is a Mac and iPhone app that lets you audiobook anything; including online articles, documents, scans, and text. When I see an interesting article, I just copy the link into Speechify and start listening. I also use the Google Chrome extension to listen on my desktop. This has been a game changer for me - increasing my knowledge consumption exponentially.

Not Completely Altruistic - Speechify is a great way to listen to Sporty Slaps blog posts!  

Check out this video to learn more.





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